Using Beef Tallow: Babies, men and women and mature skin all at once? But, how?

Who is it for?: SMEAR is as loved by women as face moisturizer, as it is for men with beards needing skin healing hydration. It's as safe for babies as diaper rash cream as it is for mature skin needing restorative skincare. 

Here's why... skin needs moisture. At a base level, skin requires a deep drink of hydration that most things refuse to offer to it because of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients loaded inside of most mainstream products. 

It's common to have 10 or more products to treat your skin with, for each individual person in your home. Why is that? Why wouldn't you use your face cream on your baby... well, because the label says not to. It warns of heavy chemicals that create irritation in the skin and surely, a babies skin is so tender, you'd never want to aggravate it. BUT-- we will put it on OUR face. 

Don't you deserve to be treated with the same care and gentle kindness that you would treat a baby with? I mean, after all... you've been wearing your skin far longer... yours is the one that REALLY needs the help. That's why it was time to ditch mainstream products that eat up our money, take up our counter space, steal so much of our time, and cause stress to our bodies. 

Tallow has been used for centuries to heal the skin-- we've only started to move away from it in the last few decades because of the diet craze that came about. Years ago, the whole world was upside down over one little word..."FAT". I bet you just cringed inside... because even though we live for avocado toast, the word fat still stings. 

But tallow isn't just any fat. Tallow is grass-fed, grass-finished (this means it never ate grain in its diet) beef suet (the fat from the outside of the kidneys, also known as the leaf fat) that is absolutely packed full of skin beneficial vitamins. It's structure mimics that of human skin sebum which means it dives deep into the layers of the skin. It provides levels of hydration that are unparalleled with other moisturizers because plant based oils and fats don't match human skins makeup. 

That being said, it makes perfect sense why tallow whip is for everyone. It's made up of the ONE thing all skin needs... hydration. And, it offers it to the body in a way that it can absorb it. Considering most skin issues are caused by or exacerbated by a lack of hydration, it's one little jar that doesn't stop providing answers.


Where do I use it?: On the outside of the body. That's really the only stipulation!
Listen to this, one jar is:
Face moisturizer
Body moisturizer
Makeup primer 
Dry skin treatment

Makeup remover 
Acne treatment
Diaper rash cream
Bug repellent 
Bug bite medicine
Anti wrinkle
Anti aging skin
Removes hyperpigmentation 
Restores lost elasticity
Treats cradle cap
Shave lotion
Beard cream
Scar cream 
Burn cream 
After sun cream
We've seen it provide relief to these skin conditions:
-dry skin
-oily skin
-acne prone skin
-cystic acne
-tinea versicolor
-keratosis pilaris (chicken skin)
-calms rosacea 
-lightens and heals sun damage 
-skin rashes
-contact dermatitis 
What results will YOU personally see? Tell us!

Why are there different oils and do they do different things? Yes! To start, tallow whip is packed full of benefits that the skin really needs. (Check out "why tallow based skincare for all of that beautiful info). The blends of essential oils within are not only holistic in nature in what they treat, but coupling them with tallows benefits and nourishing organic olive oil, these three make a luscious whip that the skin can easily absorb.

Think of tallow like the water slide for essential oils to slide into the skin to add their powerful punch of healing benefits. You are welcomed to use any and all styles of tallow whip, as all of them have the same basement level of intense hydration, healing and regenerative properties, as well as the benefits packed throughout. 

These are our suggestions for the best jar to buy for the whole family: (sans personal allergies to specific ingredients)

Clean Whip / Clean Balm
Grassfed and grass finished beef suet tallow, organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.
This SMEAR tallow blend is safe from belly to baby and is power packed from age reversing need to the the most sensitive of diaper rashes. Face moisturizer, sun burn cream, makeup remover, breastfeeding nipple butter, and everything in between, Clean is safe for all and does it all. 

Tender Whip 
Grassfed and grass finished beef suet tallow, organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and this blend of essential oils: lavender and frankincense. 
This Smear tallow blend does everything Clean Whip and Clean Balm do, but with added essential oils for healing! That makes this one particularly great for healing the skin while also providing the nourishment that all skin needs. This one is safe for everything but breastfeeding nipple butter!