one jar to solve them all.

we love to over complicate things. why?
i'm not sure. maybe it's because we really like feeling like we have answers,
and oftentimes we find them in various places.

let me tell you why you were never meant to be a science experiment anyway.
the truth is this-- there's nothing in the world quite like grass-fed,
grass-finished organic tallow, especially when it mingles in one jar with it's bff's:
essential oils and organic olive oil.

it amplifies full body and face moisture into deep levels of hydration
that we haven't seen for ages--
considering the fact that it was readily used for centuries. 
that's right, tallow is what skincare looked like before we started creating it in labs,
loading it with toxins and synthetic products
and fully over complicating something that was never meant to be so confusing.

skincare used to be simple... and when you think about it,
using a million products on your precious skin makes
your skin just as stressed as you.
what if we went back to the basics...

the things that worked and left behind the science experiments
to embrace a moisturizer that can shelf nearly all of your needs in one jar. 

what would you say if i told you that you could ditch the crazy routines and heavy
chemical based moisturizers and that you could use the same tallow whip on your
face to treat dry skin as a baby could to treat cradle cap?

what would you say if i told you that you could use one jar of tallow whip for:
face moisturizer, night cream, full body hydration, dry skin relief,
acne prone skin, diaper rash cream, eczema, psoriasis,
hyper pigmentation and melasma, scarring, cradle cap,
tinea versicolor and so on. 

remember when skincare used to be simple? of course you don't...
because we've left that behind in the slew of technological advancements.
but i propose we return to it again. why reinvent the wheel
when the new one is broken and hurting us?

what if we used products that were so safe we could eat them if we really wanted to?
(don't be weird... i don't recommend it).
what if one jar was as beneficial for healing acne as it
was for diaper cream and everything in between? 

the truth is that tallow is super healing, deeply moisturizing
and checks all the skin boxes at once. maybe it's been a while,
but we're happy to take our seat back at the table of options
and tell you that you're welcomed to come sit with us.

over here,  we like simple, non-toxic, natural skincare that works. no junk allowed.