Hack Your Smear!

Lightening Face Mask (great for discoloration)
Add 1 tsp organic turmeric to 1 tbsp raw honey and 1 tsp tallow whip. Mix together and apply to the skin for 5 mins. Rinse with warm water (turmeric may leave a yellow tint to the skin for a bit but the healing properties mixed with tallow is a heavy hitter for skin!)
Makeup Remover
Use a smidge of tallow whip over your face to gently remove your makeup without unnecessary cleansers. Rinse clean. Wash your face with a dab of raw honey. Rinse clean and apply fresh Smear to clean skin!

Knee and Elbow Scrub for Extra Rough and Dry Skin
Add 1 tbsp of sugar to 1 tsp of whipped tallow, mix together and gently massage over knees and elbows in circular motions. Rinse well with warm water, towel dry well and add fresh Smear! (Careful! using whipped tallow in the shower can make the floor slippery).
Replace your deodorant hack for chafing with Smear whipped tallow!
Apply a layer of whipped tallow between the areas that would normally have friction induced burning. 

Use as a soothing after shave to offer much needed hydration and to prevent ingrown hairs with its anti-inflammatory properties!

After Sun Care
Apply after sun exposure on clean, freshly showered skin to act as an incredibly healing after sun balm.
Bug Repellent and Bug Bite Cream
Use your whipped tallow to keep bugs at bay while enjoying the outdoors in the evening without unnecessary chemicals! If you forget and they get to biting you, use Smear whipped tallow to help remove the itching and swelling as well as to quickly heal them.
Diaper Rash Cream
Use Tender Smear whipped tallow to heal and protect tiny tushes from uncomfortable diaper rash. (We recommending keeping a jar on hand specifically for this to keep your products nice and clean!

Minor Burn, Cuts and Scrapes Cream
Use your Smear whipped tallow to help to heal minor cuts and scrapes as well as minor burns. This can help the healing process speed up quickly as well as prevent the area from scarring by regenerating the skin. 
Foot repair!
Take a tsp of tallow and apply a thick layer to each heel, wrap with cling wrap and place socks on your feet over night. In the morning, remove the wrap and massage your feet!
Face primer before makeup!
This one will happen automatically but we thought it was so good that it deserved it's own spot of attention. Use your Smear whipped tallow on a freshly washed face. Allow it to sink into the skin for 10 minutes (we like to pop it on and keep getting ready, ie: brush your teeth etc in that time to keep your morning routine quick!) After it sinks in, apply you make up to your dewy, hydrated skin. The Smear whipped tallow will act as your super hydrating facial primer and help to keep your makeup on longer!

Let us know how YOU Smear.