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Formerly known and loved as our limited edition Birthday Whip,
Wonder Whip is here to stay!

Small 1.5oz net weight
Medium 3.5 oz net weight
Large 6oz net weight

INGREDIENTS: 100% grass fed and grass-finished beef suet tallow, organic cold pressed olive oil, vanilla essential oil suspended in jojoba. 

The SMEAR that dreams are made of!  — Dreamy soft and delicately aromatic, this incredible blend is packed full anti-aging benefits while also being soothing to the skin. Vanilla essential oil is activated by HEAT meaning— This SMEAR blend should be rubbed together in the hands to bring out even more of the benefits and relaxing aromas! Apply a dab between your hands and rub together to warm this essential oil before applying to the skin.

You can get excited about skin healing properties like:

✨antioxidants which neutralize free radicals and reverse skin damage
✨ slow down signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
✨ contains Omega-6– boasting linoleic acid, which prevents airborne toxins from entering the body via the skin
✨reduces inflammation, provides pain relief and muscle relaxation
✨ stimulates collagen production in the epidermis

If you like warm, gentle scents or if you’re looking for a power packed moisturizer, this one is for you!

***This blend is considered safe for pregnant women and to use while breastfeeding, but as always for babies, we recommend using Clean Whip or Tender Whip on them!***