SMEAR melted?

We know all about it. Life gets busy, you forget to check on your tracking or you can't make it home from work in time. Your package sits in the mailbox or in the heat of the sun on your porch and the next thing you know... your SMEAR is melted. 

Now what?

We can help. First, let's start with a few tips on how to avoid this. 
1. Keep an eye on your tracking. It will update rather frequently and because we ship USPS, it will likely come around the time that you normally receive your mail!
2. If you won't be home when your mail is normally delivered, consider having a friend pick up your package for you or shipping it to a friends address who will be home to bring it in for you! This can avoid having it sit in the sun for extended periods of time.
3. Be sure to add Route Protection to your orders at check out! While we ship USPS Priority Mail and you have insurance on your packages through them, they do not cover any issues with internal damages in shipment. Route Protection will cover your packages if they are damaged in shipment which is the only insurance policy we have for SMEAR. Be sure to add it to your package so you don't have to wrestle with USPS! 

Ok, now for some tips on how to utilize your melted SMEAR if you're unable to avoid it!

Melted Balm
Easy! If your balm is melted in the sun, you can swirl it in the jar and pop it in the fridge. After a few hours, it will set back up and be more of a soft butter texture! 

Melted Whip
If your whip has melted down to a golden liquid, you can swirl it and pop it in the fridge to cool back down to a solid form. When cooled, transfer with a clean metal utensil to a clean bowl and whip with a hand mixer for about 30 seconds to a minute. (You can also use a kitchen-aid or stand mixer if you have one but it may be too little to whip in a bowl of that size). After re-fluffing, you can transfer it back to your container!

Seems like you lost some volume after re-whipping?
It may look like you've lost volume and this is because after tallow has been heated, it changes its ability to be fluffy when whipped. We also use piping tips for our signature swirl so spooning it back into your jar will lose some of the fluffy texture that we achieve by hand piping.

Where did the volume go?
One of the questions we hear after having a jar of Whip melt down is "why is there only half of a jar?" This is super simple. Its because SMEAR Whip is whipped until fluffy with lots of air to give it that signature buttercream texture. When it melts, you don't loose product, you lose volume because the air melts out.

Does the texture matter?
Have no fear. Regardless of the texture of your product, it's safe to use! The amazing thing about SMEAR is that it's low melt temperature ensures that it melts on contact with the skin so at the end of the day, being melted is where all of our SMEAR's end up! If you can't avoid it, there's always a way to make it work and still retain all of the amazing benefits that you've come to know and love from SMEAR!